The original workshop is located in Rozier-en-Donzy, 1 hour from Lyon, the silk capital. 

French silk scarf creator

Our head office is located in Rozier-en-Donzy, a small village of 1,300 inhabitants in the Loire region, 1 hour from Lyon, the silk capital. Our workshop was founded in 1990 by Daniel Vial, and has remained in operation until the end of 2022. 

Rozier-en-Donzy is well known for its weaving and silk heritage. Indeed, until the 1970s, the textile industry flourished here, and most of the village's inhabitants worked in weaving. Many had looms at home, while others worked in nearby factories. 

Today, Rozier and neighboring villages still have a few weaving mills working for the luxury goods industry. 

Daniel Vial, french silk scarf creator
Silk musselin

A second scarf-making workshop is opening in Pernes-les-Fontaines, a town in the Vaucluse region that has been awarded the "Ville et Métiers d'arts" label. 

Pascale Vial; silk hand painter in Pernes les Fontaines
LES SOIES,  a silk workshop in Provence, in France

In 2019, after 5 years of training with her parents, Pascale decided to open a second workshop in Pernes les fontaines. This small town in the Vaucluse department, half an hour from Avignon, is famous for its fountains and heritage. More than twenty craftspeople are also based here. 

Pascale has joined them and is continuing her family's textile design business, while keeping her LES SOIES boutique alive in the heart of the old town, opposite the donjon rise. 

The dynamism and the encounters between artisans nurture creativity. As a result, Pascale is expanding her business to include other accessories and furniture. 

Wokshop and silk scarves shop in France


The ennoblement and silk painting workshop was created in 1990 by Daniel Vial. 

Daniel, a self-taught painter, met Monique, the daughter and great-granddaughter of weavers. They settled in Rozier, a weaving town. 

For Daniel Vial, it seemed logical to combine his passion for painting with his passion for silk. So they opened a silk painting studio.

Initially, the work consisted of responding to the demands of fashion houses by creating specific models requested by their stylists. This gave them the opportunity to work for such prestigious names as Hermès, Madeleine Vionnet and Malhia Kent. 

In the 2000s, their work evolved and they created their own finished products: silk scarves. 

Silk handpainting in France

After studying at the Beaux Arts, Pascale joined the scarf design business.

The technique of painting on silk is a fairly rare professional practice these days. 

From a technical point of view, we paint our designs directly onto the fabric. We create our own colours using powdered pigments, so the number of colours is limited and we have total control over colourimetry.

Art workshop in Provence, Pernes les Fontaines
Textile designer in Provence

Trained in various artistic techniques, particularly drawing, Pascale joined her parents' business. Daniel trained her in hand-painting, as well as researching textile patterns, colours, trends, etc... 

Pascale Vial, silk scarves creator

raftsmanship and contemporary technology

The rare craft of silk painting

The technique of painting on silk is now a professional practice that has become rarer.

From a technical point of view, we paint directly on the silk. We create our own colours using powdered pigments, which gives us total control over colourimetry.

Silk bracelet in France

Printed scarves based on original designs

Colored silk scarves
Silk scarves creation
original silk scarf

Today, our expertise is evolving. We are delighted to embrace new, contemporary techniques. 

We also produce digitally printed models. 

We create our designs on paper, using inks, pencils, collage and other techniques. 

These designs are then digitised and reworked on a graphics palette. We then modify the colours of our model using a colour chart calibrated on the printing machine, so that the colours match our wishes. 

Our designs are then printed in small runs by a neighbouring company in the Lyon region. 

Silk scarves and accessories, made in France

Colourful fashion accessories inspired by nature and modern painting

Hand painting silk stole
Purple hand painting silk stole

Daniel and Pascale don't work on the same projects and each have their own style, even if certain inspirations sometimes come together...

Other fashion brands are obviously part of the inspiration. 

But nature, painting, illustration, comics, cinema and children's literature are all part of the driving force behind their creations and the inspiration behind their designs. 

Orange, hand painting silk stole

scarves and much more

Orange silk
Flowers cotton

A variety of silk accessories and decorative items

A variety of silk accessories and decorative objects

Over the last few years, we've expanded our range of products. We now offer scarves in silk, but also in other natural materials such as wool and silk cheesecloth, or cotton/silk. 

We offer scarves as well as bracelets and headbands. 

In our showroom, you can also discover silk lamps (unique pieces), postcards of our designs, etc... 

Upholstery cotton

At the boutique, we present a collection of our prints on upholstery cotton woven in France and printed in limited series in Lyon.

At the boutique, you can discover a range of armchairs made in collaboration with La Zinzoline, an upholstery workshop in Pernes; placemats to brighten up and embellish your table, as well as bags, cushions and more...

textile workshop in Provence, France
Colored table sets
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